dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

supermarket sweep

cardio x
yoga x


woah, God.
whacha tryin to tell us with 
all these disasters?

that we are here 
for a purpose
but we won't 
be here forever
and we got 
lotsa work to do?


last night i dreamed that
everyone was running around
saying it was
 the end of the world and
was stuffing there faces
with cakes and candy
because they wanted to eat 
all the "good stuff" they could
 before they died.

clearly they didn't know
that my pantry in heaven
is gonna resemble 
a mini supermarket.  

did you ever watch the show, supermarket sweep?

i alllwwwaaayyysss wanted to be on it and when we would go to the market, my mom would send my sister and i to get things like we were on the show.  i have the most fun mom!!!

whacha doing today?

willow and i are gonna go to her favorite store, anthropologie ;)
daddy's workin' so she and i can eat all the froyo we want

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  1. I've never watched this show but it sounded interesting!!

    Today I'm heading back to Argentina (was in Brazil for the summer) 'cause I go to school there :D

    Loved the blog!


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