dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, April 16, 2011


kenpo x


happy saturday, y'all.

i've got a funsauce contest for you.

if you know how my
brain works,
you know that it requires 
chocolate chips
as fuel.  

gotta fill up the diesel 

guess how many days it took me to eat this whole bag.

whoever is closest,
i will mail a bag to you
so we can have
virtual chocolate chip party!!!

keep in mind, 
this is a big 36 oz bag.

go big or go home....right?


  1. I love contests! I guess.....4 days! (I wanted to say 3 days but went with 4 for whatever reason!)

  2. I pick 2 only because it hasn't been said yet. Yes, I realize it is 36 ounces of chocolate but it could be done!
    Your blog is great!!

  3. If it were me - 1 day - thats what I'm going with! Do you ever melt them? mmmmm...I do. ;)

  4. i'm saying 5....


whacha think?