dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, April 18, 2011

the winner is...

core synergistics

*please note that at this very moment, i am receiving a shoulder massage.
so if i don't make sense, it's because my endorphins are all over the ceiling.


woah dang, y'all.
i'm flattered that you think 
i could knock out a gigantic
bag of chocolate chips in
less than a week!!

this takes practice, y'all

well, i guess i could
but then i wouldn't have as much
room for important nutrition
like fro-yo.

the actual number of days is..........


i actually was a bit embarassed
but you're guesses made me feel
WAY less shameful.

so the winner is
{lame name by the way}
with a guess of 5.

email me your address
and i'll get this chocolate chip party started.


  1. i'm the lame winner!!!! woohoooo :)
    i'll text you my address

    btw i think you are a trixter

  2. it was nothing personal, i just know how much you love those things! :)


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