dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

date night

cardio x


so on sunday,
my awesomesauce mom and dad
were threatened volunteered
to have a slumber party
with willow kate.

i was so torn between
missing my appendage 
and having a fun date with w.

but we had  BLAST!!!!

we never really "dated"
before willow kate came along
so it was really so much fun.

we decided to go see 
scream 4.

we got there early,
so obviously to the arcade we went.

because thats how all grown-ups behave.  promise.

i had told W that the scream movies
weren't blood and guts.
and president obama was born in america.

after that life scar,
we went to eat at 

i had gotten a gift certificate
for judging
the miss america pageant
a modeling competition
a while back and this was the
perf time to use it.

 the menu is super creative.
we decided to get a couple of apps and then
split an entree.

Mint Julep Chicken and Waffles 16.95 
Mint Sweet Tea Brined Chicken, Belgian Waffle, Mint Butter, George Dickel Syrup


it was seriously yum.

too bad i don't have a pic
of us crashing at 7:00
with our elastic pants on.

your loss.

what's the most unique thing you've ever ordered at a restaurant?

in colombia, i ordered "cow tit"


  1. just found your blog- so cute. i hate pickles too, but probably not as much as you. i mean, your blog is named after your adamant hatred for pickles. i think you've got me beat.

  2. Well I didn't order it, nor did I eat it, but in Korea I saw people eat BBQ CHICKEN FEET. No lie. My friends ate them. I was in the bathroom throwing up in the hole in the floor that they call a toilet.

  3. what was the question?


    i don't ever order anything odd because i just don't like such things. one time though steven ordered fried calamari and i ate a lot and then he told me what it was. EWWWWWWWWWWWW


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