dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

dumpster dive

core synergistics

this is a "rest" week so it's pretty low key.
makes me happy.
and less of a gimp.


happy tuesday.

my little cutie pie nephew
is in town from florida
and we had the best time yesterday.

willow is a bit crazy about him.

you get the thumb in the pic for free

we even went on a scavenger hunt
around the neighborhood.

nothing warms my heart like seeing 
a 6 year old
dig through trash cans.
it's sweet, really.

the weather was just perfect
and we enjoyed some
swing therapy before
we called it a night.

do u like my forehead curl?
 i'm trying to bring that george washinton look to this generation.

have you ever been on a group scavenger hunt?
yes, they're so fun.  i love couch crawls.  u bring an old nasty couch and have to get your groups pic with certain people at certain places on it.  
ie: police men, walmart greeters, preachers, etc

what's your therapy?
exersize, chocolate chips (duh), porch swingin, baths

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