dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, April 25, 2011



i didn't even die, y'all!


did y'all have a sensational easter?
what an incredible
reason to celebrate.
as a Christian,
 it is THE
most exciting thing to 
happen so far in history!
woop woop.

we had a funsauce day here.

willow couldn't wait
to see what the 
easter bunny
had brought her...

hoppy easter, mommy!

y'all are gonna die when you
see what he brought me.

a lifetime 3 day supply of sweet tree fro-yo!!!!!
i'm really thinking about
renting out my W
to make some quick cash.
i mean come on.
i'm pretty sure i had a stroke
from excitement!

we filled willows basket with
passy's, toys and veggie puffs.
but guess what she really wanted...

easter grass!

wanna have a contest to see how many pieces i find in her diaper?

she got all dolled up for
her first sunday in her new class.

can u tell where i like to stand?
i promise it's cool
to have bruises all over your legs
and not brush your hair 
or hang paintings on your wall.

since my fam was outta town 
and his fam isn't here,
we went to the next best place.
if that doesn't say easter,
what does.
come on.

then we came home and snuggled all day.
w even let me borrow his star pants.

what did you do for easter?

what was in your/your kids easter basket?

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