dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, April 22, 2011

Willow Kate 9 Months

willow kate,

the other night, i couldn't sleep
and i was reading all of my old posts about you.

my favorite part
is seeing how much closer and bonded we are.

of course i always loved you more than i can explain,
but now i KNOW you
and i am so connected to you.

you are in such a fascinating "month".
daddy offers to have babysitters so i can get things done
but the truth is,
i LOVE you being with me
and watching you discover the world.

i promised before you were born, 
that i would always take our moments slowly,
never rush you when you are
holding a flower for the first time
or discovering the drain 
in the bathtub.
we have all the time in the world 
to get things done 
but i never want to let these
important moments pass by.

you are crawling, standing and walking behind your push toy.
you "talk" all day long at home
but are usually more reserved when we're out
or with people you don't know as well.

you got moved to the 
"crawlers" room at church!
you get to ride in the big
stroller with all the other crawlers.

you eat very good.
 still nothing you don't like.
you prefer to pick up foods
than to be fed like a "baby".
you hold your own bottle
which is very helpful
but i try to hold it as much as
you'll let me because i know 
those times are coming to an end soon.

you have a silly personality.
i crawl around after you and
you will turn around every now and then
and laugh and laugh.

the best part of being a mommy
is feeling your love for me.
when i walk into your room after you wake up,
the smile that greets me is enormous
and fills my heart so much.
i DREAM about that big gummy smile.  

you sleep so good.
about 13 hours at night
and several naps during the day.

you wear 6-12 month clothes.
you have your first big girl jammies
and smocked dresses.

willow kate,
your mommy and daddy love you more than we can say with words
but i know that you feel it from us every day.
we also love eachother so much and one day you will
realize what a precious gift that is.


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  1. what a beautiful, precious, perfectly written post. :)


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