dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, April 22, 2011

personal shopper

legs and back
ab ripper


sometimes i get the itch.

not from a nasty rash.

{there would have been a google image here 
but i have to go dig my eyeballs out with spoons.  
never ever ever google rash.}

it's the shopping itch.

when i go into a store,
i feel like the clothes are my paints
and i am the canvas.

dramatic much?

okay, but really i do like
putting outfits together,
even if they're not for me.

these are some of my faves.
click here to enter my oasis.

best thing?
they're all under $20!

go get em!

where's your favorite place to shop?

F21 fo sho!  we don't have one so i have to order online.
feel free to send me multiple gift cards, mmkay?


whacha think?