dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, April 21, 2011




i need some suggestions, y'all.

my little monkey baby
has a favorite toy.

it's called
momma's hair.  

o goodie, my toy!!!

now my hair looks 
like i'm smuggling
baby pandas in it.

how do i get these knots out????

whoever helps me
gets to be my best friend!!
o come on
thats a GREAT prize!!

in the meantime,
i'm working on a 

can't wait to perfect it
and tell y'all about it.
or maybe i'll just
 keep it to myself 
and be the only one with
sparkling skin. 

what's your favorite hair product?

i just pick whatever smells good and is cheap.
but i need something from the big-leagues i'm afraid.

what did you eat for breakfast?

kashi hearts cereal with almond milk.

*w drinks my milk outta the bowl when i'm done.
gross? maybe. practical? definitely.


  1. I use Kenra shampoo and conditioner in the shower, the leave-in heat protectant, and their spray in mousse. I don't have a remedy for tangles though. :(

    Breakfast was an egg mcmuffin from the Mcdonald's, bleh.

  2. I have no kids and my hair still has that problem. When I was a 12/13 I would put mayonnaise in my hair. No joke. Apparently I thought that was the answer. It wasn't!
    I use a lot of leave-in conditioner though!

  3. I drink Almond milk too! Love it

  4. i use suave bc it's cheap and i find coupons for it. blueberry muffins. 3 mini ones although i could have eaten all 12.

    maybe you could just wear a hair net around willow :)

  5. I totally use Suave Professional shampoo and conditioner. But I use Nexxus Pro mend for my split ends (it REALLY works!) and I use Tresseme root booster and heat protector.

    Whoa, I am WAY to high maintenance. Sheesh.

    Breakfast? I have a little omlet every morning. And then a Greek yogurt a little later on. Breakfast of champions!

    I didn't help with the tangles, but can I still be your best friend? :)

  6. ok, your blog...hilarious...seriously. Avery Jade is obsessed with my hair now too!!! Too bad they don't both have enough of their own hair and don't live in the same city, other wise we could just stick them in a pack n play together,while most likely in the same baby gap outfit, and they could go to town just gnawing on each others hair...problem solved :)...oh and I had a kashi gran bar for breakfast...with black coffee always.


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