dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, April 29, 2011

fairy dust

i haven't even looked yet!!
gonna head to the chiro to get an adjustment first.
things are getting wild up in here!!


i had no intention a'tall
of waking up for the royal wedding.
at all.

but i have a feeling that
most girlie girls in the world
got sprinkled with a little thing 
called fairy dust at about 4 am
that caused us to tune in to
the big affair.

{it was either fairy dust or one too many mason jars of water before bed that got me up.}

either way
i didn't dare turn on the tv
and risk waking up the lumberjack.
all i really wanted to see was kates dress.

so i kept refreshing the browser
until finally...

stop looking at me, gurrrl.

was kate's dress everything you hoped for?

i think it suits her perfectly. 
 the first thing W said?
  is she wearing a cone bra?

did you have a big or small wedding?

we eloped.
it was a dream come true.
read about it here.

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  1. mine was kind of big but kind of not. it was perfect. :)

    oh and i didn't see kate's dress except for in your blog post. i agree it looks like she's wearing a cone bra. it's pretty though.


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