dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

hair how to: boho braid



by popular demand,
{i'm speakin at you, lover of v-sausage sandwiches}

a hair how-to.

this is my signature
haven't washed my hair in 16 days
bohemian braid....

first step:

start with nappy/knappy/gnappy hair.
mine is actually freshly washed.
the bugs were getting to be too much
for W to handle.
when we move out of this house, we're gonna beg to snag the wallpaper too

pull hair over to one side.

loosely braid.
okay, so you may wanna
tame yours first,
but since i'm married to a caveman,
 i'm fine with the
shall we say...
tossled look.

take about this much hair
from the opposite side of the braid
in front....

i promise i'll do a post on modeling lessons too
braid straight down

and then pull up and back.
pin it with a bobby pin.

do the same thing to the other side
if yours tends to fall anyway.
mine does.

W said we needed a better
background for the 
finished product
so i thought my purse door only made sense...

u wanna SEE the braid??

peace and love, y'all.  really.

what's your go-to hair do?

this or a high dodo ball.  did y'all call it that?  
you know, when you don't pull your ponytail all the way through!!??  
you know???!!!!

on a serious note....
these deadly tornadoes have hit so close to home and lots of friends have loved ones in the areas that were devastated.  please take a minute and pray for these victims who have lost everything.


  1. LOVE the background-purse-door! You make me laugh. I actually *was* wondering how you did this-thank you! my go-to hair is bobby pin the bangs front/top and hope for no ponytail bumps

  2. AHHH I LOVED this...please do more 'how to's' Girl you are GORGEOUS HOLY COW!!! Sorry about the pickle pictures today.....forgive me:)

  3. ponytail or doo doo ball.
    my hair is curly and once it's messed with it's ruined so......

  4. I love this braid. And lovin' your blog! Now following, hope you'll follow back!

    Ask the Duplex

  5. Lovedddddd this!! Now, where do you get your eyebrows done?! Mine aren't even even! :-(


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