dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, May 5, 2011




happy cinco de mayo.  

for a non-drinker
that just means it's 
may fifth.

and i'm pretty sure that
it's a law in mississippi
that you are required to 
eat mexican food today.

yesterday, we drove to 
w's moms house to pick
up some new

she just bought it and
hated it in her house
and it happens to be a
gorgeous white leather 
sectional that i loooooove!!

house rules: no eating, drinking, coloring, sitting, breathing on couch


seriously though,
i'm the type that if willow colored
all over it and it wouldn't wash out,
i'd get the markers out 
and color the rest of it with her.
giant coloring book couch!!??  
how fun would that be!
i promise to invite all of y'all
over if/when that happens,

do you get upset if something "material" gets messed up?

if i drop and break a bottle of nailpolish, 
i'll dip the polish from off of the floor 
to get one last use from it.

where can i find a sensational and cheap rug besides target, tjmaxx, marshalls, etc?
are any of my bff's rug weavers by chance?


  1. OMGosh. I used to get upset if someone used my "good" shampoo back in the day. But now, I just don't care. My brand new, not paid off yet, laminate flooring was chipping and I was! And then I colored the chip in with a sharpee.

    You can get some great rugs at Home Decorators Collection online. Some are cheap. Some are not. But they have an awesome selection and I'm pretty sure you could find an online promo code too.

  2. Lowe's has good rugs sometimes. You could also find a carpet that you like you get it bound at the carpet store. That is a lot cheaper that buying a rug, rugs are ridiculously expensive. I'm thinking a fun colored shag type carpet would go GREAT with that couch - not like 70s shag, the modern type.


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