dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

magical laundry

shoulders, biceps, triceps


you're going to love me
and want to marry me
after i show you this.

if you want to feel
like you live in
a rainbow, candy, sparkle, sunshine
 magical forest...

you need to 
wash every single item of fabric 
in your home 
with this...

im what dreams are made of

you're welcome.

*actually, you can thank my awesomesauce sister.

do you have a certain day that you wash sheets?

mondays.  or thursdays.  or tuesdays, wednesdays or fridays.
just whenever.
i need to be more routine.

do you have a favorite perfume?

its a solid perfume from anthro that smells like cedar. 


  1. I would LOVE to live in a rainbow, candy, sparkle, sunshine forest. Do they make those for HE washers? :-)
    Sheets = every Sunday. That's the husband's job. Pretty much the only thing he does around the house except play video games.
    Hmmm...perfume. I like Angel a lot. And if we're going cheaper - I like Velvet Tuberose from Bath and Body Works. That stuff smells soooo good.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comments on Janae's blog! I have struggled with a lot of those same things and if I gained weight I wonder if that would take care of it and help in the fertility department. Thanks for reminding me how worth while it is and how silly it is to agonize over a few extra pounds.

  3. i bought the purple kind last week because they were out of blue and i LOVE it too!!! and an angel had left a coupon for $2 right on the shelf.

    i want to meet your awesomesauce sister :)

    i try to do sheets on thursdays. that's the day i try to get all the kind of stuff done so we can enjoy the weekend with minimal housework.

    don't wear perfume. i like the smell of some deodorants though.


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