dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mommy dearest

this post is all about my mom.

and there's nothing she can do about it
because shes approximately
7,877 miles away
visiting these folks.

i don't know who this girl is hugging us


let's play
  true or false.

my mom understands my life-long desire
for a geriatric walk-in bathtub.
true or false?

look, this one comes in off white!

she works as a hand model.

this morning on the way to the airport
my sunroof proceeded to leak upon turning right.

she was concerned her
hand makeup may smear
if she were to catch the water.

true or false?

check out my digits
she's a superhero.

my sister and i have pretty much
had the 
medical dictionary 
written after us.

and she's been so strong for us
through everything.

no question.


what would you do if you found a worm in your food?

i thought there was one in my lunch but it was a bean skin rolled up. 
 i froze and went into denial before i figured it out.

tell me 3 awesome things about your mom.

1 comment:

  1. true, false, true. i want one of those bathtubs too!
    i would probably stop eating so much if i found a work in my food.

    my mom
    1. she gives really good foot rubs with lotion
    2. she is funny
    3. she is cool and has an iphone4


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