dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, May 27, 2011

cupcakes are the best medicine

i found the best remedy of all.

my awesomesauce friend
brought me this.

i ate it in .5 seconds.
and today my throat/sinuses 
feel MUCHO better!

def not a coincidence.  

this baby seems to be feeling better too.

that's clay on her face.
it's helped her sinuses drain sooo much!!

EVERYONE needs some.
email me if you want it.

have you ever tried "healing clay"?

YES!! i was such a skeptic but it's 100% natural and helps with EVERYTHING!  cuts, burns, infections, pain, acne.  it's the ONLY thing i use on my skin!

what's your favorite cupcake shop?

this one was from gigi's and it's the best one i've ever had.

what's the best relationship advice you've applied?



  1. You need to bring Willow Kate up to Memphis, so we can get you a REAL cupcake. Muddy's Bake Shop = epic.

  2. she is sooo stinkin cute.....cupcakes ARE magical...sprinkles are my fav but iveycake are my fav nash cupcakes...we have a gigi's here that i've been meaning to i'm gonna have to!


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