dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, May 30, 2011

my boyfriends back

core synergistics

back on the workout wagon!!
woo hoo!!!


despite all 3 of us being sick...

this was one of the best weekends 
that i can remember.

it was just one of the times
when you realize
WHY you fell in love.

life can get so crazy
and sometimes
you just need to spend
time with the
"boyfriend" again.  

W+K 4ever

what are you doing for memorial day?

gonna have a picnic at my parents tonight!!

what did you do on sunday?

since willow was still sick, we stayed away from the church nursery.
we snuck into a pool in an apartment complex by our neighborhood...hehe
we had a blast!!

did you buy anything cute this weekend?

nope, barely left the house

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  1. aww glad hes back! yay. and look at you bad girl for sneaking into a pool. love it! lol.

    today i am going to eat left over cookouts from lastnight. i am going to remember some of the friends me and my husband lost along the way.

    sunday i worked and cooked out.

    and i bought too much cute stuff this weekend. but happy about it! :) good sales.


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