dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, May 20, 2011

mongolia to you to

yesterday was fun.

but last night was where
the party was at.

we went clubbing
to forever 21!!!!!

we don't have one around my parts
so i was in heaven!!

then we went to a fun
mongolian grill place.

you fill up your bowls as high as you can
and then take it to a round grill and they cook it for you.

a plus: unlimited veggie goodness
a minus: you have to stand and wait while they cook it

totally worth the use of leg energy.

willow kate had a good day too...

alright y'all, tomorrow is "THE BIG DAY"!!!
i predict lots of people will be waking up
with big bellyaches from their
last supper.
this may or may not include me.

do you own any tie dye?

heck to the yes

what's your favorite flavor of cake?

red velvet {only for the icing}
carrot cake {only for the icing...hmmmm}


  1. That restaurant sounds awesome! Lots of veggies and someone else cooks--perfect!
    I know this isn't a "real" cake but cheesecake is the only kind I like!

  2. You should make your own butter cream icing...AMAZING! I can't eat any other kind any more. Super easy too. Let me know if you want the recipe.


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