dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

virginia sweet virginia

walking up and down 
my seesters stairs
7,680 times.


we made it!
virginia is pretty, y'all!!

the trip was a bit much.
i think next time i'll sell 
that kidney for the extra seat.

willow was like a puppy
turning circles in my lap.

thank goodness for good seatmates!

we had a 2.5 hour layover
so we walked back and forth
for about 2 of those hours.

then i let her get some wiggles out.

it was a surprise for my nephews 
{4 and 7}
that we were coming
and they were so excited 
and willow is attached already.

does your sister eat as much as my sister?

she wants to know :)

have you ever worked out in an airport?

i thought about it but i thought throwing air punches might alert security.


  1. LOL - Ok, air punches in airports. I heart that idea.

    At airports (or anywhere really), I never use the people movers so I walk more. Or sometimes I'll just stroll around the terminal if I have time to kill. There's also alcohol to kill boredom. More fun than strolling, so it usually wins out.

  2. My sister eats like a college student. She eats oreos from the fridge at random times of the day (usually right before dinner hits the table). She's a snacker so when it comes to real food time it looks like she eats like a bird...but I know the truth!!!


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