dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, June 24, 2011

willow kate 11 months

willow kate,
i can't handle your cuteness.
or sweetness.
how in the world did we get
such a perfect baby???

you change every day.
daddy says you grow an inch 
every day while he's at work.

you can stand by yourself
as long as you don't realize it.
you walk while pushing things.
you like to stand on your tippy toes.
you learned to stand on a pillow 
to climb onto the couch.
you are a water baby.
from baths to pools to fountains,
you love it all.
you've never minded me pouring water
on your head to rinse out shampoo.
it doesn't phase you at all.
i like that :)

you pick things up to eat them
because being fed is for babies.
thats what you seem to think anyway. ;)
with those two bottom teeth
you sure can eat good!

you wear 6-12 months clothes but they're still
a little big on your shoulders.
you're so cute and tiny.
but you're strong!

we tried to move you to size 3 
in diapers but that was a little messy
so we're back in the size 2 swaddlers.
i'm just fine with you staying 
teeny tiny forever.

you're favorite song is 
Jesus loves me.

you're very obedient and learned
"no" more quickly than i expected.
you just smile at me
and stop doing whatever it is.
i can't help but smile back.

you still go to bed early.
between 5 and 6
and you don't seem to have any plans
of changing that.
you wake up at about 7am.

you know you're animal sounds
and we're working on 
"nose, eyes, mouth, ears".

i just went into your room
to snuggle you back to sleep.
it makes me get teary just writing this.
it is such a treat for me 
when you will lay on my chest 
and snuggle.

we found out you're going
to be a big sister!
we love him or her so much
already but i can assure you
that NONE of that love 
comes out of our love tank for you.
it's never ending.

you are more than i could have
ever dreamed of in a daughter.
i am so so thankful to be your mommy.

i love you, precious.

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  1. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! That is so exciting!


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