dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, July 25, 2011

willow kate 12 months

my itty bitty bebe
is one year old!!??

you are the most amazing girl.
you're saying "mama...mama" 
as i'm typing this.
it is the most precious sound to me.
you also say 
"bubba" {for bottle}
"uh oh" {but it's more like uhh-uhhh loudly}
"bye bye" {in a southern accent of course}
you say "paw" when i talk about your poppy.
you say "bah" very seriously but i'm just not
sure yet what you're meaning. 

you always pat your head when you bump it.
then you bump it again on purpose
and keep patting it.  
then again and again. :)

you seem tall to me.
maybe just in comparison to your itty bitty self.
you can stand up next to our bed and are almost level with it.

you're an explorer.

you are a FUNNY girl.
you crack up about "nothing".
i hope you're always so silly.

you eat good.
so far nothing has given you a reaction.
you're drinking MILK now!
organic whole milk.
you won't drink it unless it's warm, though. :/

you had your first poopie catastrophe today.
i walked in after your nap 
and it looked like
a crime scene...with poop.
you took your diaper off.
and painted with it.

you have the BIGGEST
brightest smile.
and the most infectious laugh.
i. love. it.

you wear size 12 months.
you still wear size 2 swaddlers.
you have enough hair for baby piggie tails
but you won't keep anything in your hair.
you pull it out, look at it
and put it back on your head
but of course it doesn't stick. ;)
{you have precious curls, by the way}

we had a fun birthday celebration for you.
your cousins were here (jj and ty)
and we rented a BIG water slide
for nana and poppys backyard.
your sweet friends that love
you so much came to share with you.
it was a "little miss birthday" theme.
poppy even made it back from
his knee replacement at the hospital
to be with us!!

willow kate,
we love you so much.
i wish there were bigger words.
i just KNOW you feel it though.
you give the SWEETEST kisses
and even make the
"kissy" sound now.

you're going to be such a
sweet big sister.
you've gotten to see him/her twice so far.

i wish you would stay little
but we REALLY look forward to
seeing you grow every day.

with SO much love,

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