dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Willow Kate 13 & 14 Months

I thought I would start doing your updates every 6 months but there's NO WAY that I can risk forgetting so much.

I think I've said this in the last few updates but you are SO funny!! When you get "wired" around bedtime, you act so silly and make the funniest laughs. The "grandpa laugh" and the "heh heh's" are my favorites. Daddy and I laugh so much with you.

You started getting your four top teeth all at once at 13 months. Two of them are really poking through now! When we had your shots on the same day, we all paid for it. I felt SO bad for you, knowing you were hurting so bad. At your appt, you weighed 20 pounds. I couldn't believe it wasn't more but you're growing good. You still wear some of your 6-12 month clothes (ha!) but I buy 12-18 month for you to grow into for the cooler weather. Size 3 shoes. You get so tickled when you have shoes on, you're so proud. You also bring momma and daddy our shoes....we are normally wearing our jambes and tennis shoes in the mornings thanks to your styling ;). Size 3 diapers.

You're an awesome eater. I gave you a donut and you threw it down and went nuts reaching for the tomatoes on the counter. They're your favorite! Good girl :). I make a smoothie in the mornings and I think you drink more of it than me. It's a small thing, but I love it when you put your face so close to mine to drink from the straw.

You mimic noises. You say mama, dada, nana, bubba, bye bye, heyyyy, hi, thank you (sounds like tha), night night.

Anything that isn't a person, is a doggie and it barks. You know what cows and piggies say. We're working on kitty cats now.

You love being read to...over and over. You feel all the pages, even if they're not the "fuzzy" books.

You usually take two 2 hour naps (8-10 and 1-3) and go to bed between 5-6 and wake up at about 7.

You love baths. You know right where everything is...your room, momma and daddys room, bath, kitchen. You know you're way around nana and poppys house too.

You like putting things in and taking them out of places. You open the pantry and bring me what you want...usually the bag of marshmallows. It's soo cute!

You climb on everything. You get up onto our big, tall king sized bed by yourself. Climb up to the top of the couch. Climb in chairs. And you have no idea that you could fall off. Scares your momma and keeps me on my toes!

You choked eating breakfast and i had to do the baby heimlich. You coughed it up, no prob. Sheesh.

You're so social but you've been acting shy in certain situations. It's so precious, you tuck your little chin under and have the sweetest look. But you like to say "heyyy" to everyone at stores.

If you hear the word "baby" you tuck you hand under your chin like your holding a baby, rock back and forth and say "awwwww". Hopefully you'll be this sweet to your baby brother. :)

You have been laying your head on our shoulder and it's sooo sweet. Youre so active so it's a treat to have you so close even for just a minute.

Youre still not interested in walking by yourself. You push your toys and walk so fast but you do not want to do it any other way. I'm pretty sure you'll have it down bore your a teenager so I'm not too worried ;)

We love you so so so much, willow. Every night when I lay you down, I get this deep pulling on my heart as I'm walking out of your room. Like I'm leaving it in there with you. It sounds silly but it's true. I don't ever ever want to take a single moment with you for granted. I still can't even leave you for more than a couple of hours and even then is torture! You're just such a JOY to be around. I am so so blessed to be your mommy and I know your daddy feels the same way. You love him SO much and he adores you. People tell me that he talks about us all the time when he's away. We're lucky girls ;)

Sleep good tonight, precious. I love you!

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