dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, November 4, 2011

Pinterest is my drug.

i think I should change the name of this blog to ihatecryinglikewhoa. but really, I don't want this to be a sad blog, it's just the season we're going through. mmkay?

something that's helped me through the grieving process? crack.. I mean seriously. it's so bomb. ive been so high on spray paint fumes and have burned my fingers getting fluffy cupcakes out of the oven that it's totally kept my mind occupied. ;). have y'all made anything??

willow and i had a play date wednesday with our friends parker and ashley and she was bragging about running the rock & roll half in new orleans in a few months. okay, not bragging but I was super jealous. it's always been a huge goal to run a marathon...or a mile. so yesterday, w and willow and i went running around the hood. our neighborhood has the most insane hills. im pretty sure I shouldve had on a harness for some of them. it was horrible. BUT the rest of the day i felt so good and i had so much energy. so bomb.

i also wore a tshirt yesterday. like a tshirt with words. whoa dang. i felt SO snugly and comfortable. and it was perfect snuggling weather. cold outside and overcast. willow and i read books all day. :). then we went to my parents for dinner since w was hunting. we had the most delicious cranberry chicken and willow couldn't get enough!! {ps. i know wearing a tshirt isn't headline news but when you've been preg for the past 2ish years, a tshirt isn't exactly the go to article of clothing for a big belly} :)

so, seriously, have y'all made anything you've seen on Pinterest?


  1. I'm all over pinterest! Are we friends on there? Got my mom hooked on it too and now she says my dad is on there more than her!

  2. I have made a bazillion things from Pinterest. Ok, maybe not a bazillion, but I have cooked a lot and am LOVING the Green Smoothie on my Healthy and Stuff board. I have one for breakfast every morning and sometimes I have one for lunch too. I am also in love with the crock pot recipes. I think I'm going to make a board for the stuff I have done and loved (Check!) and a board for the stuff I did and did not love (Fail!).


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