dear willow,

dear willow,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Willow Kate 18 Months

you're a year and half, LoLo! the best 18 months of my whole life.

you are SO funny! you have such a good, quick sense of humor. you love to laugh, you "get" jokes and love to make everyone else laugh. you are so social and truly don't meet a stranger, and i LOVE it!

you have learned SO many new words in the past month. you're learning colors, abcs and 123s. it incredible to see u learn and know that we're doing something right :)

you're a monkey! i thought u were quietly playing in ur room. nope! you had climbed up the top bunk of ur dollhouse bunk bed poppy is building!

you're finally loving the nursery at church. it makes me feel SO good to know that you're being cared on and that you're having fun, too!

you wear anything from 6-12 month clothes to 12-18 months. 18 Month clothes are still way too big. size 4 shoe and size 3 diapers.

you eat so good on most days. you still prefer healthy foods over anything else. im so thankful that we exposed u to a big variety of natural from the beginning.

you love to be outside and swing in the big kid swings or on the hammock in our backyard. we go to a park at least once a week and the ms children's museum too.

you say "hot mama" (or dada, nana & poppy ;) and it's so funny.

you like to color. it gives me time to sweep/mop while ur in your highchair coloring. your bffs right now are Ella Kate "Kate", Lydia "lala", Parker "kaka" and Gracie from church. you talk about "tito", "jonjon" and "tyty" all the time too.

u love babies. dolls and the real ones.

u love to play dress up and be a "princess". u almost always have a piece of jewelry on at home. u love to wear mommas necklaces and your bracelets.

ur staying up later (between 6:30 & 8) and it so nice bc u sleep in!! usually between 7 and 8:30! we LOVE this :) u take a 1.5-3 hour nap in the afternoon right after lunch.

we ask u who u love and u name momma, dada, nana and poppy but the other night before u went to bed, u said "dedah"...that's how u say Jesus. :) i told u a few weeks ago that we can talk to Jesus any time and u often hold up a pretend phone to ur ear and say "hi dedah" i cannot imagine how exciting it will be when u decide to ask him into ur heart :):)

we miss levee so much but u kiss his picture all the time. we still call the other room, levees room even though it's more of a playroom now. u know exactly what I'm talking about though ;)

i love u so very much, LoLo. u are precious and i love you more than you'll ever least u til ur a mommy yourself.

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  1. Lala sends "Illow Kay" hugs and kisses! Love you both so much!


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