dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

this is gonna be a good life

y'all. yesterday was the best day in valentines day history. :):):):)

w had the whole day planned but of course wouldn't tell me anything. let me remind you that i am as w says "nancy drew with a steroid shot of intuitiveness". ha! even when i'm not trying, i ALWAYS know whats coming next.

i was in charge of breakfast so i made him a "chocolate covered strawberry" Vi shake. mmmmmm. then willow and i delivered our valentine that she made for him. :)

w said lunch was at 1 and everything screeched to a halt. who eats lunch at 1???? it was 15 minutes after breakfast so clearly i was starving ;) so he said no prob and we planned on an early one.

we went to sal and mookies for some awesome pizza and salads. (and sweet potato fries that have salt chunks the size of kim k's diamonds. mmmmm.)

after, w reallllllly wanted to go to sneaky beans for coffee. SB holds a special place in our hearts. its where we went when we found out we were having willow. its where we chose her name after writing several options on a napkin. i used to live right down the street and it was "my place".

i was reallllly apprehensive about going with willow because i knew people would be there trying to study. we went to the back room and even though there was a guy there doing homework, we sat and started reminiscing. w asked me what the perfect life would be and i said THIS ONE especially if levee was still alive. but we just talked about how it's such a GOOD LIFE.

a girl came back and started talking with the guy so i relaxed a lot knowing willow didn't have to be as quiet. then as w and i were talking, the guy that was studying gets out some shakers and it sounded so cool! i was so excited bc i knew willow would love it! then i heard someone playing a guitar down the hall and it just seemed like we were there at the perfect time with a little one! and thennnnnn, this happened......

BEST MOMENT EVERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my throat hurt from laughing so much. so stinking perfect. i'm getting teary just thinking about it. :):):):):):):)

not sure how to top that BUT we had an amazing rest of the day. froyo....chuck.e.cheese where i WOOPED w in basketball and heart shaped pizza for dinner!!!!

yeah, we had pizza twice. so? ;)

what did you do for vday??

what's the best surprise you've ever had or have done??

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  1. i love you and i am glad you are happy!


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