dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Willow Kate 19 Months

you're a girl now...not a bebe :( but you're just so precious and every single day you change a little bit. sometimes i'll catch a glimpse of "baby willow" but you're just such a beautiful girl it's hard to be sad for long ;)
guess who's going potty on the dora potty!! we haven't even started potty "training" but you run to the potty by yourself and go. you say "uhoh tee tee" and run to it and sit down!! then you say "YAYYY"
i love your sense of humor. you're so silly and love to laugh. you think it's funny to do things on command such as "laugh", "cough" (with your mouth covered) and all your little tricks...downward dog, jumping, spinning, showing your muscles, etc.
i've realized that when you do something "bad", it's best to tell you no once, calmly and after a few times, you move on. but if i react in a big way, it just encourages you to do it went through a phase of LICKING YOUR SHOE (sorry aunt kristi) but after a few times of me ignoring it (SO HARD) you stopped. now it's putting you in your carseat, you slide down so i can't buckle you in. last night i had to turn away because the intense look on your face was making it impossible not to laugh. ;)
before you take a bath you look at the water and say "hot, hot, hot" and blow on it. you do that with your food too. and you touch something that's cold and say "coolllllld".
you've been doing "chores". you help bring in groceries, pick up bottles and sippy cups and bring them to the kitchen, throw diapers away, etc. you are so proud when you finish. i am too :)
you have two memory verses so far that you are so proud to say. "beeeee still" and "God is love". you love to pray with your hands folded. you say "God" and "Aaaaamen". i'll ask you who made the sun, sky, trees, etc and you say "Goood" :)
these past couple of months you've become attached to your poppy (papa). you loooooooove him and nana so much. you sometimes get upset when we go places and he and nana aren't there. daddy and i LOVE how much you love them.
you do GREAT at the nursery at church now. you now will go in on your own and say "bye-bye" and when i check on you a few minutes later, you're having so much fun with your friends!
you love being outside. we have a great backyard for playing and we have some special times snuggling on the hammock looking at the trees and sky and squirrels.
you love to play "where's lolo"..."boo". theres a big mirror on the wall where our bath tub is and you duck down in the tub and say "loloooo" and then pop up and look in the mirror and say "boo".
you are extremely organized. you don't like anything out of place and if you see a piece of trash in a parking lot, you say "UH OH!!"
if we want to make you the happiest girl in the world, all we have to do is read books...all of them. you bring a book and when we say "come on" you make the cutest squeal and RUN to our lap. it's really neat because with each book, we have our little things we do, whether it's silly noises or clapping to the syllables and you always remember what it is.
you are doing so good recognizing colors. you can say the color (some colors) when i point and ask you what it is.
you're memory is so great and it's really amazing to see. i always tell you where we're going or what we're doing and days later, out of the blue, you'll say something about it. it really does fascinate me.
you are still as social as can be. you went to the dr with mommy this morning and each time someone walked into the waiting room, you'd say "heeeeeey" with the biggest smile. you love to give kisses and hugs to everyone and i know it's because we are so affectionate at home, it's all you know!
we went to our first story time at the library with nana and you really loved it. there was music, puppets, bells, songs and a story. there were all different cultures in the kids there and it was precious to see your "color blindness". :) it's way out of your mommas "comfort zone". while all the other little kiddos are shy, you are standing in the middle of everyone right in front of "miss stephanie" and encouraging everyone to clap and say "yay!". for my introverted self, it's stretching me, to say the least :)
i really do think i could go on and on and i want to but i'll save some for next month :) i love you so so much sweet willow. you very rarely throw little tantrums but when you do, there's not an ounce in me that gets upset with you. i am just so very thankful to have you here on earth with us. no matter how tired we get, it's impossible not to miss you when you're asleep at night.
just last night, it was late and i couldn't fall asleep because all i could think about was your warmth. when you were born, the very first thing i said about you, before i said how beautiful you were or how tiny you were, was "she's so warm". when we held levee i wanted nothing more than for him to be warm. and last night i went to your room and i picked you up out of your crib. you were sound asleep, and i just rocked you and tears poured down my face and onto yours. i wasn't sad, i am just so so so thankful for you...for your WARMTH.
i'm praying for you future husband more than ever this month. not sure why. maybe you're gonna like the younger boys, and he's just being born? but i know that God has someone perfect for you....because your daddy wouldn't allow anything less ;)
happy 19 months, willow kate. i love you.

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  1. this made me cry! i love that sweet willow! i can't believe how big she is. she's so beautiful. love you guys so so much!


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