dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


i am the girl with a sensitive soul who is sometimes misunderstood. and it kills me.

i am not the girl that holds grudges. ever.

i am the girl that loves my husband more than my childen. and jesus even more. and thats real hard to say.

i am not the girl that likes to be away from my daughter. even for a couple of hours. i want to soak up everything and i want her to know that i wanted that.

i am the girl who is very relaxed about bottles, passy's and rocking my baby to sleep. every night. if only she'd let me ;)

i am not the girl who ever had a stuffed animal/blanket that i was attached to. but now i don't think i could fall asleep without holding the blanket levee was wrapped in.

i am the girl who likes to eat natural foods and it seems weird to me that i would feed willow anything different. convenience doesn't matter to me, her precious health does. (cupcakes are natural, right??)

i am not the girl who agrees with letting my babies cry it out. i believe cries are communication and no matter how tired i am, i am so thankful to have a baby that might keep me awake at night. i know the hurt of not having one.

i am the girl that is paralyzed with fear of coming across the wrong way to others. my second biggest fear in life is to be selfish or self centered. this silences me more often than not. writing, however unskilled it is, is how i communicate best.

i am not the girl that enjoys having a "girls night out" but if you need me, i'll be by your side in a heartbeat. probably with a cupcake and diet coke in hand.

i am the girl who thinks spanking probably has it's place but not yet. i can remember the times i was spanked and it wasn't for something small. i remember it because i deserved the punishment and was old enough to realize it. it seems so bizarre to me to say "don't hit" followed by....hitting.

i am not the girl that yells or gets upset. if it cant be discussed calmly, it's not time. whether it's with my daughter, my husband or friends.

i am the girl who thrives in a clean and organzied house...but it's not often that it's that way. i sleep much better with vacuum cleaner lines on the carpet but that doesnt mean i vacuum every day.

i am not the girl who wears fancy clothes. i'm bohemian at heart and would wrap an ikat patterned sheet around me, braid my hair and be as comfortable as ever. partly just blending in to the backgound and partly declaring my soul.

i am the girl who has knots in my hair at all times but i still don't want to cut it. i've been fascinated with long hair my whole life.

i am not the girl that is attached to stuff. sentimental things, yes but material things, not at bit.

i am the girl who is a closet hopeless romantic. and if i'm ally, i married my noah. "if you're a bird, i'm a bird..."

i am not the girl that cries on cue but i hold alot in, so when it rains, it pours. and it feels good to let it out.

i am the girl who is terrified to push "publish" before every blog post. but i do. and im usually glad :)


  1. i'm the girl that loves my friends! :)

    seriously, what a sweet post. i'm so thankful to call you friend. you're always an encouragement to me. a godly friend should never be taken for granted.

    and for some reason, i realize we are more alike that i thought from reading this post. gosh, i wish i lived closer.=!

  2. I'm always glad you hit publish! Love this, love you. You're an amazing woman, Kimmie, and I'm so absolutely thankful to call you my friend.

  3. Loved every single bit of this! Especially that pic of you with Levee's blanket :) I love you so much! You'll never know how much you've encouraged me on the days when I just needed someone to remember or celebrated with me on the days when I needed a cheerleader or cried with me on the days when I just couldn't keep it in. I hope I'm able to be half the friend to you that you've been to me. xoxo


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