dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

tender heart

my sweet tender hearted girl,

since levee went to heaven, we've experienced grief in a whole new way. one thing i've learned, is that it hits you unexpectedly and it hits hard. i was in the bathtub the other morning and the tears came. you bounced into the bathroom to say hi and saw them. you said "mama!" and ran out, only to run right back in and give me a big kiss. i could see that you were concerned and you ran back out. you came back seconds later with an extra passy. you put it right into my mouth. "this comforts me, and it will comfort mommy" is what must have been going on in that precious head of yours. and you made sure that i kept it in. sweet jesus was a little 19 month old girl that morning. i love your sweet little sensitive soul.


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  1. this made me cry. i love how Jesus shows up and through whom he ministers.

    love you.


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