dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Willow Kate 20 Months

it's REALLY starting to hit me these last few weeks how grown up you are. you say SO MUCH. you say anything really. and you can comprehend everything i say to you...whether you show it or not. ;) you're little defiant streak has been HOT as you're testing your limits. yet another way that you're proving your independence and i'm the girl for the job of reeling you back into our boundaries. a taxing job, but a rewarding position that i am mind blown i get to have. and i need to add that these "moments" are short and few and far between. you are a DOLL. so so loving to everyone. you give so many kisses, high fives and fist bumps, though we aren't sure how you learned that one. ha!
you went through some MAJOR separation anxiety that lasted a full week and then you eased back into your regular routine.
you're recognizing that some names end in "E", so you now have daddy, momma-y, nana-y and poppa-y. :)
you've been fishing with daddy a few times, swimming and playing a lot outside. you love bubbles and coloring with sidewalk chalk.
you have permanently skinned knees i think and you like momma to kiss your booboos. you say "uh oh knees" when you see them. :(
every time (EVERY TIME) i get you up from your bed you lift up your pillow and say "wet, wet, wet" and i say "oh no what happened??" and you say "bubba did it" time a LONG time ago, you spilled some milk on it and even though you haven't had a bottle in a long time, you still say it. it makes me smile :)
you weighed 22.5 pounds at your last doctors appt.
you wear a wide range of sizes. still some 6-12 month onesies but 12-18 month clothes fit you the best. size 4 or 5 shoe. and i think your next diapers will be size 4.
you are still a great eater. the foods you ask for over and over are cheese (cheeeee), yogurt (yooo-ger) and peanut butter (pea-bubba). some days you snack more that eating big meals.
your 7 year old cousin berkeley was here for a week and you loved playing with him and he was SO sweet to you. we went to the zoo for the first time.
you play on the playground by yourself now and you have no fear. you love to go "up up up" and slide.
at bedtime, we say night night to everything and you kiss it all and then when we lay you in bed, you fold your hands to pray. you've started closing your eyes too. we always pray that God would snuggle levee and tell him how much we love him. you love to look at his pictures and you say "baby" and kiss him. :)

theres always so much more i can say but i'm just so thankful for you. no matter how tiring the day was, as soon as i lay you down, i wish it wasn't over yet. your laugh lights up my whole world and everything about you is just so precious to me. you are so beautiful and have such a beautiful heart. we love you so much, little one.

love, momma

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