dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

: on my heart :

dear willow,
my sweet, precious girl. there is so much that i want to say to you. so much that i want you to know. about me, about my heart, , about how i feel about you, who i want you to be...
i want you to be you. more than anything. i want you to move mountains. you have a firey little spirit and a sensitive soul. you look just like your handsome daddy but you are so much like your momma. this thrills me but is gut wrenching at the same time because i know you will have to learn some hard lessons before you "get it" but you'll be even stronger for it. and i pray that i am right here every single time to wipe the tears from those beautiful blue eyes.
you will want to help the most troubles souls. and you will. but your little heart will hurt at the same time. you'll want to give everything you have. give it! you will feel so full and happy. God will always provide.
i'm praying that your little heart will always love Jesus. that you will always always trust Him and His plan for your life. it's an extraordinary one. seek Him. He loves you so much!
you might have a lot of friends or you might have just a few. don't feel pressured to conform. make your choices with your head and your heart.
someday you'll be interested in boys. and they will certainly be interested in you. wait for the one that takes your breathe away. the one that is selfless and humble and makes you feel so important. the one who boldly loves Jesus.
and never forget how much your momma loves you. at one time your heart beat inside of me and now it's walking around and i'm learning to release it to Jesus a littleit every day. but i'm always your momma. your safe place. and no matter what, you can always come home.
with all of my heart,


  1. So heartfelt.. seriously had tears in my eyes!

  2. What a sweet letter! Something to cherish forever! Found you via Casey wiegand!


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