dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, January 4, 2013

willows sweet little playroom

i was pregnant with levee when we bought our home and we designated this as his room. but after time, toys just migrated into this empty space and now it's a sweet little play room with a whole lot of special memories.

this is looking into the room.
it's packed full but somewhat still organized.
her new "balance beam" is in the center to practice her gymnastics moves. ;)

we added these shelves to get the majority of small toys off of the floor.

her new dollie crib built by poppy for christmas.
(nana made the bedding)

this little kitchen was my sisters and mine when we were little.
i still remember the christmas morning that santa brought it!

our little art project that willow and i did this summer.
"sweet land of liberty...of thee i sing"

come play sometime!

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