dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, February 2, 2013

bye bye passy.

ahhhhh y'all this was SO HARD for me!
i loved everything about her passy.
the different speeds that she sucked on it, the way it would quiver & then fall out when she slept, the way she flipped it every few seconds, the way she said the word, the way it SMELLED!

ive never been a momma that stresses about time lines. she had her bottle until she was two. so what?

but when she put her ENTIRE passy into her mouth to be funny i knew it was time.

i read up on it and knew with her soft heart, that her choosing to give it to someone she loves was the best way for us.

so last Saturday i told her that her beloved great grandma radaker's tummy hurt & did she want to send her all of her passy's to her to help her feel better? she did so we got a box and walked through the house gathering passys & put them all in the box. taped it up & walked out to the mailbox and she put it in & raised the flag.

this process was the key. she was choosing to give them, we weren't taking them.

that night was awful. after 3 hours she finally fell asleep. she woke up at 5 & I couldn't put her through the trauma of going to sleep again so we stayed up.

she asked for it a few times over the next few days and we'd say "who did you give your passys to" she'd say "grandma Radaker" & we'd remind her that they are helping grandma feel SO much better & it was so sweet of her.

she didn't ask for them at night and a week later she hasn't mentioned them!

this girl has an incredible memory so I know she hasn't forgotten about them, she's just knows where they are and why.

im so so relieved that its behind us!

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