dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, February 9, 2013


last minute super bowl party
with our small group.
bff elissa came for a visit with the girls.
finally got to hold precious baby Charlotte.
trip to see her favorite
chiropractor "dr. boo".
making our very own
"dazzle berry lemonade"
just like yo gabba gabba.
silly faces (this is 1 of 20 or so, ha!)
while living outside as usual.  

fun at the children's museum
with "baby emma".
precious girl at the doctor.
(i didn't even have to talk,
she answered all of her doctors questions while w & i about died from the cuteness!)
feeling miserable with a tummy bug.
getting a much deserved foot massage.
starting to feel better,
helping mommy make cookies.
finally back to her happy self,
playing outside!

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  1. Such cute pics! I'm glad the tummy bug is going away - those can be so miserable.


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