dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, March 25, 2013

the double stroller.

i did it.
for the past 17 months, willow & i have been battling the cracks and hills of our neighborhood in a regular/great for pushing around the mall/nothing fancy stroller.
see, we have a cadillac of a double jogging stroller. double. stroller. we got it when levee was coming. it was on the must list. but then levee didn't come home with us and that double stroller has been sitting in our garage collecting dust and a dried up bee. really. i feel shame and embarrassment when I think about pushing willow in it. i know that those emotions probably don't make sense but I never doubted that levee would be cruising around in it too and I feel embarrassed for that. i feel like if I was seen pushing one child in a stroller that was clearly meant for two, a big flashing sign would be above me saying "haha! she only has ONE child!!" and i was too ashamed to do it.
i even tried to tell myself "well, it probably just looks like the other child is at school"...or "you have so many kids that you needed one on one time with this one" silly, right? i still couldn't do it though.
but u know what? today WE DID IT!!! it was a quick walk (unlike our typical hour long leisurely walks) but i'm really really proud! and u know what else? i could not be more thankful for this PRECIOUS one child! :):)


  1. Yes! Love this! I told Matt just the other night that I have this tendency to think of my family as incomplete because we are dreaming and praying and thinking of EEOO so much, but I was convicted a few weeks ago that I need to be content with our precious family just as it is because He has blessed us richly, ridiculously beyond anything I deserve. And I don't want to miss the blessings of today because I'm consumed with tomorrow. Love you! Crazy proud of you!


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