dear willow,

dear willow,

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

call the po-lice

yall. something crazy happened a few weeks ago.

willow & i go on long walks through our neighborhood.
we have our own litle routine...walk up heart attack hill (it's no joke, people), check out the bulldozers, count the turtles under the bridge, swoon over the giant water front houses and then go sit on the bank by the water. theres some beams that she likes to balance on and then we'll pick grass and toss it into the water.

i always leave our stroller on the walking trail instead of pushing it through the grass and mud.

on this particular day, i noticed a youngish man stop by the stroller. he was on the phone and kept looking at us. he was standing RIGHT BY the stroller and im wondering if he's actually considering stealing it?! a few minutes later he was gone but two POLICE CARS pull up behind us!!! see, willow almost always has a babydoll strapped in next to her and this day was no different. this poor man thought i had LEFT MY BABY in the stroller in the hot sun and very kindly reported me to the cops! HA!! they clearly saw that it was a know, because it didn't blink...or stop smiling...and was PLASTIC!!!

it was so nuts but made for quite an unforgettable day!
here's a pic of the not so real looking baby doll :)

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