dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, June 21, 2013

lets go camping!

willow and i surprised W for Father's Day weekend and took him camping at Roosevelt state park. it couldn't have gone better! our awesome//fun friends let us tag along so we had built in play dates.

my mom watched willow while I packed and loaded the car. we picked up W at work and I handed him willows "let's go camping" book. he was SO surprised and excited!

it was about a 45 minute (easy) drive and finding out spot wasn't too tricky.
we were surprised at how CLOSE our neighbors were so that was a bit disappointing. especially since they yelled & fought ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

we went to our friends cabin to grill supper and broke out the glitter pinecone craft. it was an afterthought but I'm SO glad we had it! the empty glitter tubes were perfect for catching lightening bugs.

we borrowed air mattresses and had 2 fans going so we were very comfortable. The fans also helped block some of the noise.

willow slept GREAT and woke up so happy. I had convinced myself that willow might get up in the night and get out without us realizing it, so I slept with one eye open!

I packed an ice chest full of our favorites so she had her regular Greek yogurt/strawberry breakfast.

we went for an early morning swim at the lake. the water was so warm and we were the only ones there so it was so beautiful and peaceful.

check out that huge waterslide across the water! it was awesome and willow went down at least 100 times between the 2 days.

the pool was great and in the morning it wasn't crowded. we went back at about 3 and it was packed.

we cooked over the fire and made s'mores. I didn't pack enough food because I didn't think we'd be staying so we bummed food from our friends!
after we ate, we took a nice walk around the campgrounds to help walk off the s'more hangover.

the next morning we went to the lake while W put the tent away and loaded the car and then we went back to the waterslide for the grand finale.
I'm so excited that we pulled it off! We can't wait to go back!!

Here was my packing list:

3 changes or clothes for each (I put the whole outfit//underwear in a big ziplock and then put the dirty outfit in when we changed)
Small bottles of soap & shampoo
Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
Baby Wipes
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Lawn chairs
Blankets, Pillows, Air mattresses (one queen and one twin) & Pump
2 Fans
Extension cord and an extra cord that allowed for 2 plugs
Snacks (Granola Bars, Crackers, Chips, Energy Balls, Fruit)
Chicken (already seasoned)
Potatoes (cut and seasoned)
Pot holder
Towels (wish I had brought more!)
Sand toys
Small stroller
2 flashlights
Extra batteries
Charcoal (already had lighter fluid on it)
Bug spray

*I packed the snacks/food type things in one large Tupperware and the clothes/blankets, etc in a large/deep Tupperware so it was easy to load/unload.

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