dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, August 3, 2013

ole! {willows third birthday party}

you know what's crazy?
willow isn't into princesses.
or dress up.
or super heroes.

she's into cheese dip.
and chips.
and salsa.

so a fiesta birthday party it was.

we had it at home like last year and it couldn't have been more special.
she had 48 people there to celebrate with her. 
i don't say the number to be impressive but so that
when she gets on her futuristic computer as an adult,
she can look back on these little blog posts 
(which will practically be the equivalent of stone tablets by then, right?)
and remember how much she was loved.

i didn't take a single picture but luckily
nana snapped a few.

p.s. could not imagine doing this without my mom.
she was in the kitchen the whole time making sure
there was plenty of everything at all times
and the kitchen was sparkling after everyone was gone.
thank you momma :)
and thank you daddy for being the official door opener!

the food table.

we had lemonade and sweet tea.
i dipped those little cups in sprinkles for the lemonade but
pretty sure no one took one.  ha!

these were the party favors.
a little clear "take out box" of gummy bears
and a balloon.

beef or shredded chicken tacos.
refried beans.
mexican rice.

sweet friends l to r.
ms. dinah, ivey, leigh, jamie and scott.

adelle, sophia, allie, otie and cole.

love this pic. and this family.
david, chapel, susannah, finley and solomon.

hannah, henry and mr. bill.

sweaty girl on the trampoline.
we had some pool noodles
and punch balloons to play with outside.
and a water table.
and lots and lots of mosquito spray. ugh.

sweet little birthday girl.

pretty cupcakes that nana made.

she loves her josie blue.
(her little outfit got wet playing in the water table)

the best babysitter ever, leyna.

we waited until everyone left to open presents.
she loved EVERYTHING!

and the happy birthday willow...

it was such a fun, laid back night and
i am always so touched by the friends who
take the time to celebrate with us.

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