dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

willows {3}

i have mixed emotions about willow turning three.
part of me is so sad that there are only 15 more years until she leaves home.
but the other part is SO excited for what's to come!
for her birthday, we wanted to give her more of an "experience" since
there is nothing that she NEEDS.
so here is a glimpse of our day.
{she was lucky enough to have her cousins staying with us for a couple weeks to celebrate with her!}

this was coming out of our bedroom.
she slept with us so we set this up outside our door.
(please ignore the messy laundry room.)

my sweet little 3 year old.

first up was a trip to the mall and 
a whole bag of quarters to ride
as many rides as she wanted.
usually she gets coins for one ride
so this was super exciting!

happy girl.
and barney came too!

some photo booth fun with the boys.

then she got to go to build a bear for the first time.
she seriously was only interested in the glasses but
finally picked a cat that she named "cody".

so proud of her new cat
and her new glasses.

they played on the toys and ate lunch at the mall
until it was time to go to pump it up!

this is the PERFECT place for this girl who loves
to jump and climb.

this was daddys first time and
she LOVED him being there!

tired and worn out from the FUN!

after a quick rest, we met nana and poppy
at willows favorite mexican place and
opened presents and had cupcakes.

she LOVED when they sang to her!

making a wish.

my family :)

she of course wanted to send her
balloon up to levee and meadow!

after that we went to nana and poppys house 
and we all got our faces painted by tyler!

this was such a special day and we cant wait to celebrate with 
our friends in a few days!!

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