dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

work it.

i have a secret.

well, really i love sweating my brains out
and getting that HUGE rush of endorphins.
but with an extremely acrobatic three year old
(yes you, sweet willow)
my at home workouts of
p90x and pure barre weren't happening.

i go to a no-boys-allowed gym
and willow and i both have made
priceless friendships.
it's WELL worth the small fee.

i feel like the right workout gear
makes a huge difference in the way you push yourself.

i will personally push myself alot harder
if i'm in bright colors, 
moisture wicking fabric
and a good fit. 
just form fitting enough.

these are some of the favorites in my rotation.
all of them are from target but i've
just recently been shopping at
 tj maxx and marshalls
and have gotten some GREAT stuff.
{i love affordable.}

 ^^ the classic black capri. 
i like them to be fitted to my calves instead of flaring out. 
more flattering on my shorter legs

^^ i love a little color.
*but i try to never wear pink/pink or anything that resembles an "outfit".
just a personal preference.

^^ i love this top that has a bra with an attached tank.
it comes in several colors.

^^ love a top that covers the booty.

^^ i got this one in atlanta with my sister. 
i've worn it about 850 times already. 

^^ love this color. i think it flatters everyone.
and the fit is very forgiving.
^^ these are the shoes i wear everyday and i love them so much.
they're a bright watermelon color in person.
get them on sale here.

 ^^ if you want some a little less flashy
but still fun, these are a cute option.

i take alot of classes
(step aerobics//barre//tabata/weight lifting & toning, etc.)
so these are the styles that work for me.
remember to buy your true size.
don't buy bigger because 
you think it'll be more flattering.
you'll just end up pulling at it 
or never wearing it.

what are your favorite ways to sweat?

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