dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, August 24, 2013

well that was weird.

what a weekend/week!

thanks to an AWESOME NP
(& W's awesome nursing care 
and my mom & dads help with Willow)
i feel like a new person but
i was so stinking sick. 

thursday night I felt that 
unmistakable stabbing of a kidney stone. 
over the next 2 days it moved about an inch or 2 
but I could tell I wasn't making much progress. 

on sunday I decided to go ahead and go to church and I'm glad we did. 
a guy in our small group is an ER NP and 
he was working that afternoon so told me to come in. 

it was a HUGE blessing and long story short 
after a scary few days of fever and just feeling "sick" 
& another trip to the hospital, 

here is a glamour shot in the ER the first night. 
happy to have some good drugs! ;) 

anyone else get major anxiety when they start putting the medicine in the IV?
 i had to stop the nurse because my heart was racing so fast. ha!

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