dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, September 16, 2013

Willow Kate 3 Years

during my sick time 
when i literally thought i was dying,
i kept thinking 
"i'm about to die and my last blog post
is about how much i love the gym....nice."

so it seems like a good time to do 
willow's 3 year (whoa!) update.

YOU ARE SO FUNNY!! you have a quick sense of humor and you get so tickled. you love when you make other people laugh, too & that seems to make you instant friends.
you have some precious friends and they just happen to have some awesome mommas and daddys!

you (finally) love going to "sunday school" and that makes church so much enjoyable for us!
you started gymnastics and you love the class but ONLY if momma or daddy are right with you.
you started not liking going to the gym and so our whole routine is changing. 
it started because i was sick and then the car was in the shop so when we finally went back,
we had lost our groove and they had to come get me because you cried so hard.  :(
so i've been getting up early to go before daddy goes to work. agh!

you're still petite.  but your legs are long because your pants are too short, ha!
you weigh 29 pounds (i weighed you on the fish scale at the children's museum).

you love doing art and creating things.
you like to draw circles & ovals.
you count to 40 but we haven't tried to go higher yet.
your memorization skills are insane.
you remember things from when you were so little.
last night you pointed out all of your art hanging in the play room 
and you could remember who was with you when you did each one.  

you say the funniest things.
you'll see something and say "HEY i remember that!!"
you'll sing and say "that was happy birthday in spanish"
you ask to go to the "P-O-O-L" because you heard me spell it to daddy and figured out what it was.
(we go there all the time and you like to swim without floaties)

you're very particular about having dates.
and only certain people can take you places.
only nana can take you to a certain park.
only daddy can take you other places.
"and you can't come, momma"
oh my.
but that's okay, you know momma is right there when you need me!!

we went to nashville a couple weekends ago and when you woke up in the hotel,
you sat up and said "can i go home now? where's my house?".
you're very loyal :)

you talk about levee and meadow alot
and i'm SO GLAD! 
every balloon you get, you want to send to them.
it's so precious to me.

your prayers are so so sweet.
i love listening to you.

you have a beautiful singing voice!
and you started humming and i hope you do that all the time.
i love it.

your imagination is incredible.
you have conversations with your "little friends"
and they are so real to you.
you are also constantly doing the
choreography to different barney songs.
you do it perfectly!

you are still very sensitive so disciplining you is never hard.
it breaks your heart if you think we are upset at you
so talking through things seems to be the best for you.
oh, and your little green carpet.
i peek under your door the whole time you sit on it.
bet you didn't know that ;)
but that's where you calm down if you're really upset before
we have our little talk.

you are going through a DADDY phase.
he went to the woods this weekend
and you
momma cried too. ha!
it was just so sad and i knew that i couldn't fix it.
we had a fun, full day so i tried to keep your mind off of it.

you are just such a joy sweet willow.
your smile and your laugh are THE BEST MEDICINE.
you're my sweet miracle girl
and i am just so so beyond thankful to be your momma.

we love you sweetie.

momma & daddy

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