dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, November 15, 2013

{16 weeks}

How far along: 16 weeks! (the days aren't dragging by like they did at the beginning which is a huge deal to me.)

Total Weight Gain:
 3 pounds but i had a huge cinnamon roll from beagle bagel last night so that should tack on a couple more ;)

Sleep: i fall asleep easily but wake up wide awake at 3 or 4. using this as prayer time :)

Cravings: salty things and smoothies (small caribbean way with splenda from smoothie king if you happen to wanna bring me one at any hour of the day or night ;)

Maternity Clothes: definitely have a rubber band on the pants. so glad someone thought of that trick!

Best Moment This Week: still being pregnant :)

Movement: i'm FINALLY starting to feel flutters!!! and when i lay down, we can put our hand on my belly and feel his outline. it's nuts. and amazing. he really moves when i eat sour candy or red hots! ;)

Gender: boy :)

Labor Signs: nope.

What I Miss: energy ;) but i do feel rested in the mornings now. usually by about 1:00 i'm ready for my jammies and bed!

What I am Looking Forward to: feeling him move more and willow and daddy being able to see and feel it!

Milestones: honestly making it through every day is huge for me.  well into the 2nd trimester now but of course with my situation that brings little comfort. we lost meadow at 15 weeks so just making it here is a big deal! so thankful that i'm feeling him move now.

{16 weeks}
*wish there was a filter to hide the laundry that just hasn't found it's way to the laundry room ;)

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