dear willow,

dear willow,

Sunday, January 12, 2014

{24 weeks}

6 months! phew.
made it past the day in pregnancy that we lost levee.
and the devil was really trying to get to me on that day.
an encouraging verse from my dear friend gretchen...

"forget about what has happened don't keep going over old history, be alert. be present. i'm about to do something brand new! it's bursting out! don't you see it!? there it is! i am making a road through the desert, rivers in the bad lands"
isaiah 43:16


we had a really special visit with a maternal-fetal medicine doctor (who we also saw with willow). in his big anomaly scan several weeks ago, they saw a little white spot on his heart. medically it's called an "echogenic intracardiac focus" and is fairly common. our doctor was confident that it was nothing to worry about but as always, took extra precaution and referred me to this specialist. he agrees that it's nothing to worry about and won't even need any follow up. thank you Jesus! we also got to look at him for a loooong time. he's so precious. and he looks "familiar" if that makes sense so i'm thinking he may look like his big sister! he's measuring perfectly (exactly to the day) which is a huge deal. :)

i'm at such a good point in pregnancy. LOVING this belly so much and not uncomfortable yet. the muscles are starting to separate a little in my belly (they ripped with willow, ow!) so that's something to look forward to. ;)

sleeping good and still wanting really spicy things.
i got this salsa at a craft show before christmas (per my friend susannah's recommendation) & gave it to w as a stocking stuffer. oh my goodness, it's so good. we've already ordered two more packages!

willow fell asleep laying on my tummy the other night. she wanted to "lay with sutton" and he kicked and pushed on her until she fell asleep. one of those moments. :) then he gave daddy a good show. w couldn't believe how much he could feel (and see) him!

we go back tuesday for a check up & as always can't wait!

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