dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the funniest girl i know.

willow, you make me belly laugh all. the. time.

just some things you've said lately that make me smile....

you called the microwave "the hot refrigerator"

you were supposed to be resting in bed but you starting singing "let it go" from frozen at the top of your lungs. you heard me laugh and yelled "DID THAT MAKE YOU LAUGH?!"

i asked you if your throat or neck hurt at all & in the highest little voice "not at ALL. it's feeling MUCH better."

the robot vacuum got stuck on one of the baby toys and you were sooo upset by it. "I can't understand WHY it would even do that..."

in the car the other day, out of the blue you asked "mommy, is doctor cefalu a chiropractor?"

daddy took you to your bed to lay down with you until you fell asleep. pretty soon after, i heard the door quietly close and someone tiptoeing. daddy was sound asleep but YOU had snuck out!

"i don't want to go to preschool, I just want to go fishing."

"can we call baby sutton...darnell?"

when we were walking outside to a parking lot I told you to hold my hand so you don't get squished by a car & you said "then I would be in the cars tummy!". 

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