dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, January 6, 2014


it seems like we've been inside for forever.
first, trying to avoid germs because this momma
did not want another sick christmas
and second, well....momma got sick.
but it was well after christmas so that is a-okay.

here are a few things we HAVE been up to lately though...

daddy took willow on an ice skating date
(and then I joined them with hot coffee later!)
there were so many people there but she loved
the ice slide and skating.
they only got around 1/2 the rink though before
they cleared the ice to zamboni. :(

she set up a picnic for her friends.
23 weeks :)
just so you know, milkshakes realllly help sore throats. ;)
attempting to have nap/rest time and watch downton abbey. NOT.

love how she tucks her feet into w's pockets.
we are starting to get suttons room ready
so alllll the baby things that have been stored in the closet are
being pulled out by an excited little 3 year old.
she's got her baby levee doll all tucked in. :)
i emailed my dad a picture of this craft paper roll holder/dispenser
and the next day he had it made!!
willow got build a bear gift cards for christmas so she made a monkey named curious george...because of course!

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