dear willow,

dear willow,

Friday, February 21, 2014

{30 weeks}

the thirtieth decade as i call it.
the wait has been so long to meet
this little boy.
he was so anticipated long before
i was pregnant with him.

we had a great checkup this week!
he's a big boy!!
3 1/2 pounds already.
(average is 2.75!)
makes me so so happy.
he moved head down (and face down)
since the week before.
pretty sure it's because i sat out in
the sun on sunday and
he was trying to shield his little eyes. :)

willow even got to check on "her baby".
love these people so much.

and the doctor gave her some gloves
for saying her memory verse. :)

the shots are still going good!
we forgot this morning
so w had to turn around and rush home.
(they have to be at the same time each week)
i met him in the garage with the needle
and he took care of it while on the
phone with a client.
multitasking at its finest. ;)

starting to get short of breath quickly
and laying down at night
feels like an elephant on my chest.
i actually thought i was having a heart attack
last night from the pressure on my chest
and i was really nauseous.
those are symptoms right?!?!
but i lived. ;)
as uncomfortable as it is,
it's so exciting getting this point.
savoring every bit of this last pregnancy.
gonna miss this {big!} belly. :)

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