dear willow,

dear willow,

Saturday, March 8, 2014

{32 weeks}

cannot believe we are here.
i could picture us at 20 something weeks
but 30+ was just too far to imagine. 
waddling through the neighborhood 
on a walk today, 

i was just overwhelmed with thankfulness for this big belly. :)

it's been an eventful couple of weeks. 
last week my parents had willow for a little date 
and w and i were both home just relaxing 
when i got hit hard and fast with contractions. 
like, couldn't talk or stand up contractions! 
i had been having them off and on for a while 
but these were so hard and fast, we couldn't time them. 
i drank tons of water and rested the rest of the night 
and they were much more mild the next day. 
i went in to be checked anyway and he said 
it definitely was contractions and to try to take it easy. 

tuesday i had my regular checkup 
and we finally set a (potential) date to have this little man. :) 
love love love having an end in sight. 
but he didn't seem too concerned with stopping labor if it were to start again. 
especially if it's close enough to the date. 
he's growing SO good (over 4 pounds!) and just looks perfect. 
he's doing his practice breathing and he's flipped again so he's head up. 

we've pretty much finished his room (it's still half play room) 
so i thought i would share a little sneak peak...

my dad made this awesome arrow and the shelves out of scrap pallet wood. 
his crib was willows and w painted it orange. 
from what i hear, it was kind of a nightmare! 
the chair is the most comfortable thing you could imagine. 
we bought it used but in perfect condition. 
it feels like the belly of a big teddy bear! :)

again, poppy created this based on an inspiration pic I sent him. 
and he even painted it. :) 
the diaper changes will happen here and 
we've got it stocked with baby toys and bibs/burp cloths (that nana made!) 
so willow can easily reach them to help. ;)

the "SUTTON" was also made from pallet wood by poppy and the deer skull is just cool. :) 
w found it in the woods with the yellow stripe already on it and mounted it. 

and what's an update without a belly pic...;)

{32 weeks}


  1. God bless your family.......We are so thrilled about your son.....
    Our love,
    Bob and Jackie Stedman


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