dear willow,

dear willow,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


//she made blueberry pancakes all by herself! (and set the table!)
//lots of picnics. 
//visited poppy at habitat & had the whole crew doing ring around the rosey. ha!!
//first time to the doctor in almost a year. thank goodness for "just allergies". 
//a pair of safety scissors and yarn keep this girl entertained for a long time! (and momma for hours after while I pick up little pieces of hot pink yarn all over the house!!)
//precious girls dragging in the picnic blanket in the rain. 

//a fun sunny day at the ag museum with daddy! he hadn't been since he was a kid and i always love going!
//daddy wearing willows new anna wig on an ice cream date. ;)
//reading lots and lots of stories in this chair
//the morning after getting her new princess anna dress & wig i caught her admiring herself in the bathroom mirror :)
//muddy fun at the park
//my boyfriend at the ag museum (he bought me a ring and a coke ;))

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