dear willow,

dear willow,

Monday, March 24, 2014

{34 weeks}

feeling a bit like i might burst.
emotionally & physically. :)

i know i keep talking about how surreal this is
but wow.

had to buy new soap yesterday.
i never stick with the same scent.
have a feeling that'll be different now. :)
when i was smelling them all i thought
"what do i want to smell like when he's born?"
could not even believe that that was a legit thought.
i think i'll have to lock it up to make sure
it doesn't get used up before the day! ;)

appointments have all been going great!
he's over 5 pounds now!
and he's got tons of hair.
our sonographer measured over 2 inches.
makes me chuckle. :)
he gets hiccups at least twice a day.
he was head down last time and he
just loves to tuck those little feet under mommas ribs.
wow, that hurts. like really really bad!
the other night, w and i were trying everything
to get him to move. all night.
(that husband of mine is a keeper!)
ice pack, rice sock, hot bath, yoga, massage.
but nope.
i'm now completely numb in one area
and my ribs are bruised.
have i mentioned it's worth it?
because it so is. :)

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