dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, March 27, 2014


//the cutest "frozen" watching party
//daddy came home for a quick lunch
//lo & i made "frozen" marshmallows
//visiting daddy's work is the most fun!
//willow loves to stop what she's doing & come check to see if sutton is kicking. she says "i miss you SO much sutton!" ;)
//post photo shoot {with the one & only jenny mcneill} ice cream cones :)


//she requested we go to target, get popcorn & sit at the table to eat it. so we did. the little things. :)
//little cutie snack for a little cutie
//my dad & sister went to a haunted bridge in virginia. this was the horrible picture they took. (see that FACE?!?!)
//willow has been into building "nests" & falling asleep in them. 
//at the airport to get nana & poppy. willow saw a man writing something on a paper & said "that man is writing a speech!!". 
//happy little girl to have her grandparents home!!

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  1. girl! you're a no reply blogger and then i couldn't find your e-mail anywhere so now i'm leaving a comment. :) thank you so much for your hysterical comment on my blog. i 100% cannot believe you had the honor of doing that to your husband. what i wouldn't give to spend an hour waxing my farmer. that would just be…well, the greatest gift. :)


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