dear willow,

dear willow,

Thursday, April 3, 2014

{36 weeks}

thank you thank you Jesus! 

this past week was the scariest so far.
being this close to the end,
the devil has been working overtime trying to convince me that sutton won't live these last few weeks. 
so thankful for friends who 
(unfortunately) know this fear 
all too well. 
and for my doctor. 
told him how scared i was and 
he was so so tender. 
and he's having me come in 
twice a week instead of once 
for sonos so my mind will be 
more at ease. 
thank you God for this doctor! 

we are ready for this little boy. 
everything is just waiting to be filled
with a warm baby. :)
realized he has NO clothes. 
three pairs of jammies. 
i've been too scared to buy anything
so willow and i took a little shopping trip
yesterday and got him a few things. 
she would say
"this would look SO cute on sutton!" ;)
he also has some hand me downs 
from levee. :) 

no sleeping these days. 
i have one of those up24 bands 
and i'd get so frustrated in the morning seeing how little i slept, 
so i stopped wearing it. :)
mostly just from rib/back pain/potty trips. 
i've also been having these little 
"episodes" of dizziness and 
weird eye blurriness followed by 
an intense headache 
(different from my normal kind) 
and my doctor said it's probably 
a form of a migraine that you can 
get with pregnancy. 
i was relieved it wasn't any sign
of toxemia or other issues that would affect baby!

we've been trying to savor 
our last bit of time with 
just the three of us 
while at the same time, 
trying to stay busy to make 
time go faster. :) 
so this has meant lots of deep
cleaning and 
"fun projects" with willow. 

it's almost time friends!!
can't thank you enough for every single prayer whispered on our behalf! 

36 weeks. 

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